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Unique, Beautiful Matching Marble Lions! 38 inches long & 24 inches wide. Original price $6,495, Special Price Now $4,495. Available for immediate shipping. Call Today!

Marble Lions Monthly Special    Marble Lions Monthly Special
Marble Lions Monthly Special    Marble Lions Monthly Special

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Stones Gathered from All Over the World.  Water Features and Marble Art for Office Building Entryways, Atriums,  Shopping Centers , Medical Centers , Hotels, Golf Courses, Private Homes and Condominiums.  Top Stone Rolling Sphere Fountains and Marble Art are all one of a kind.    If you are looking for something different and unique to attract attention, stimulate your thoughts and desires or just plain relax.  If you, your family or your business deserve the best at a great price, then call or email today to get started!  Enjoy your own Marble Fountain,  Marble Art and/or Rolling Sphere Fountain, call or email today   for your closest distributor, pricing information, or a free CD with 100's of choices.  Most choices are shown right on this website.  

Top Stone/Marble Arte Personalized Statues and Busts. We specialize in custom designing and duplicating personalized units. We can replicate a picture of you, or any picture, or drawing of anything you envision. We will produce a clay model for your preapproval before we begin sculpting to marble. Visit our gallery for just a few examples of quality replicas and personalized statues and Busts.

FREE CONSULTATION: Customers, Landscape and Building Architects, Designers, Decorators, Developers, and Feng Shui Consultants. Outdoor Fountains, Indoor Fountains, Landscape Design, Marble Art of all kinds are our specialty.  Buy direct at manufacturers prices from Top Stone, Inc.  Special pricing for full container sales.  Custom designs and large projects are our specialty. 

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